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              Shandong Taishan Electric Power Construction Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Taishan Electric Power Construction Group) in the Department of national security Shandong Tiansheng Electric Power Construction Engineering Co. Ltd., Shandong heavy pressure vessel manufacturing Co. Ltd., Shandong SDIC Electric Power Material Co. Ltd., Tai'an City, Chongqing mother-in-law Catering Services Limited on the basis of the formation of a comprehensive group company limited.The group has the national electric power engineering general contracting two qualifications, the national civil nuclear pressure equipment installation qualification, housing construction general contracting two qualifications, installation (repair, test) pow…


      Wang Chuanying, deputy general manager of the Hubei organizing work safety work at the scene…

      Taishan electric power construction company deputy general manager Wang Chuanying in Hubei project organized the coal handling project department, gray sulfur project leader above personnel on-site safety work will be implemented.



      Power Leadership Care News

      Shandong Taishan Electric Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taishan Power Construction Group) is in Shandong Tiansheng Electric Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Jixi Chen Yu environmental protection Co., Ltd., Sh…
        Shandong Taishan Electric Construction Group Co., Ltd